Chinwe Chibuike

Gloria C. Chibuike is currently the president and Founder of the Chinwe Chibuike Foundation. C.C.F is an international non-profit organization that has been involved in a lot of charity and philanthropy to the benefit of a lot of people. The weight of their work has been felt mostly in Nigeria, where they procured health consultancy, medical aids and treatment.

Before founding C.C.F, Gloria worked as a volunteer for other non-governmental organizations that were not only interested in health but also in education. She was passionate about giving what she easily didn’t have to other people and this is partly because she struggled after losing her father to an ailment at an early age and does not want to see others suffer as she did.

As the president of C.C.F, Gloria has steered her organization to provide wide medical relief to the people of Abia State and other states in Nigeria through a collaborative effort with the government. The range of her free medical services covered the local governments and ruralities as she offered eye clinical services, malaria orientation and other medical services which are innumerable.

Gloria’s passion for philanthropy and charity drove her into the medical field. She is a nurse and has been in practice for a while. She made the health sector her haven both professionally and when it concerns philanthropy. She is also a businesswoman and has her one design lines too. She is also a degree holder in Plant and Biotechnology. She is also a U.N delegate and hopes to use her educational background to support the protection of our ecosystem. She hopes to do her part in making the world a better place.